Flexo Shower

Flexo Shower - toilet chair with removable footrests 

Caring for clients / residents on a traditional shower-toiletchair is very cumbersome. The caregiver will be forced to stand in an unnatural position and has to cope with static back strain. Lopital offers assistance with the height adjustable Flexo shower-toilet chair.

Flexo provides comfort and safety to the caregiver as well as the client / resident. Back strain will be limited to a minimum, thanks to the flexible height adjuster. With this feature Flexo also makes an important contribution to occupational and safety health policy within the healthcare sector.

When Flexo is set at the highest position, caregiver and client / resident are able to make eye contact. The chair will reach automatically the maximum inclination, thereby ensuring optimal client / resident safety. The special Flexo design enables the chair to be wheeled directly over the toilet, provided it is on the correct setting.

  • Specification

    Technical specifications

    • Maximum load 135 kg.
    • Simple adjustable hydraulic height control.
    • Lowest position 50 cm, highest position 105 cm.
    • Base: 70 cm wide, 82 cm deep.
    • Upholstered seat with seat opening.
    • Liner for seat opening.
    • Frontlocking armrests.
    • Upholstered foldable armrests to allow sideways transfer.
    • Upholstered backrest.
    • Foldable footrests with calf pads.
    • Footrests touch the ground when in the lowest position.
    • The chair will reach a maximum inclination of 15° in the highest position.
    • Safe hip fixation.
    • Rail for toilet bucket or bedpan.
    • Lockable plastic swivel castors, stainless steel wheel housings.
    • Greater stability.
    • Ergonomical seat comfort.
    • Contemporary style and design.
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